Friday, January 11, 2019

Welcome to the End?

Hey Friends!

This morning, I woke up. The snow was crazy. I decided to go to a coffee shop today to work.
I went to the Starboo at Monroe this time... well, it's been the last few times. Luckily I was able to write my abstract for the Vestibular Research Meeting in Dayton. I sent it off to LT, he signed off on it. Then I sent it to my boss, he signed off on it. So I went to register and submit... But I had no idea that the registration process was gonna be confusing, so I figured I'd wait until Tomorrow when I could ask my boss.
After that, I worked on my proposal and made some more headway, but I still need a lot more to go. I bought another latte when I left. It was Starboo happy hour, so the latte was 50% off. I brought it home for Teh Cute Girlfriend, but she didn't feel like a dessert style coffee at the moment, so I drank it. I fought the nap :) I then went to play DnD!
Oridove the wild magic sorcerer helped out a bit. I forgot to do one wild magic surge, so I was a little sad when I realized it, but it was kinda for the best. Wild Magic tends to be unpredictable ;P
I did do a couple rolls to see what the effect would have been, they were actually pretty good, I would have either fired off magic missile or I would have restored my sorcery points. I also told our DM that I wouldn't be able to attend next week and that I wouldn't be able to regularly attend :(
There's just soo many things that are scheduled for Thursday, that I wanted the option to do those things.
That was my day, I went home and watched TV and ate and slept :)

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