Monday, January 7, 2019

Traveling Far and Close

Hey Errbody!

I totally forgot about writing this yesterday, so now I don't remember what happened. That's not true.

We woke up and I made waffles! It's Sunday, Sundays are for Waffles. :)
After b-fast, we hung out for a little bit and I realized that it was The Feast of Fools (Jan 6th) and posted on the interwebs. No one cared or remembered. :( Whatever, I thought it was cool.

We headed off to Wegman's to refill Teh Cute Girlfriend's prescription, it was insanely busy. Afterwards, we headed to Costco to fill up on eggs and assorted knishes. I've never known knishes before our Costco membership, but I've since fallen in love. After Costco....

I went to Starbucks to write. Yes, it was boring, but I did do a decent amount of stuff. Unfortunately, they close at 8pm, so I couldn't do as much as I wanted. After I got home, we watched The Gifted on Hulu and I played some Arkham Horror LCG.

That was it for the day, thanks for reading about my non-adventures!

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