Saturday, January 5, 2019

These Shoes Were Made For Walking

Woke up early this Saturday morning so that we could have breakfast and coffee... mmmm Creme Brulee flavor.

However, we were on a mission today. We needed to head out, why? 'Cause we were off to Ithaca!
Teh Cute Girlfriend has been wanting to check out the Women Empowered exhibit. After a couple hour drive, we got to the Human Ecology building at Cornell University.

The exhibition was super-cool! It had outfits worn by amazing women throughout the previous century. They have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's iconic shoes. The have the Notorious RBG's Judge Collar. A WAVES uniform. A Karate GI worn during the Gay Games. The stories and lives attached to these outfits were inspiring.

Oh! and I think we helped rescue a doggo! See, a group of people approached us when we were leaving. They had found a large brown dog with a red leash. They asked if we were the owners, after telling them that we weren't, they told us they were going to the take the doggo to the police. After our walk towards the lake, when we came back we heard a man shouting for Dodger. We asked if he was looking for a large black dog, he said yes, so we told him that a group of four found him and was taking him to the police station. So hopefully the man and his dog were reunited.

After the adventure, we went to Ten Forward Cafe. It's a really cool place above a used book store in the Ithaca Commons. The best part is that every menu item is vegan! So order with confidence fellow vegetarians! I had a burrito with soy curls, mac and cheese, and cole slaw with a side spring salad with homemade ranch, it was super tasty! Teh Cute Girlfriend had some soy tacos, they're also tasty. After lunch, I had a Pineapple Mango Passion Fruit scone and Teh Cute Girlfriend had a Peach Crumble Muffin. They were both amazing!

We then picked up a few books from downstairs. I picked up Neurocomics and A People's History of American Empire they both seemed really interesting. We then checked out the local crafts store.

Finally, we came home. We're relaxing and enjoying resting.

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