Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sounding Off

Hey Friends!
I know, I know, I also hate not capitalizing the first word of sentences.
But you've got to admit, it does look cool. I once read that pro crossword people use lower case so that they can write quicker. I often wonder if they are brain geniouses.
Woke up. ate. showered. I got a text from the person in charge of the show I ran last Friday. The cords I took were theirs. I was afraid they'd ask me to take them back to Farmington (30 min away), but luckily they were going to be in Rochester, so we could exchange the cords here :)
I went over to LT's house to pick up the cables. While there, we played some Smash Brothers. (I'm still all about that Smash). When the designated time arrived, I went to meet the person at the salad bar at Wegmans.
They texted 8 minutes before the meeting time to say they were running late and that we should meet in the parking lot farthest from the store. When they showed up it was a cute exchange. They in hushed tones asked, "You got the stuff", as though we were doing something illicit. After the exchange and a laugh, we parted ways and I went home. I ate. Then I headed off to the sound gig.
The sound gig was rough. They're using an analog board with no compressor, so peaking is super probable. The mics they're using for their faces are hair mics, so they're designed to pick up more sound. The kids don't modulate their volume well, songs are random. Some rechargeable batteries don't hold a charge, so some mics turned off in Act II. The body packs are super easily muted. The handheld mics are being used at a foot away, but aren't that type of mic. Yep. Fun. It's a challenge.
Got feedback about 4 times. But at least it was over at 830pm. So I got home at 915pm-ish. I was the last person out.
That was it for the night! Hopefully tomorrow goes better ://

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