Thursday, January 3, 2019

Potted Plant

Had a Starboo workday today :)

It was a pretty nice writing day. I managed to fix most of my Specific Aims section, I do need to redo the rest of my proposal sections still, but most of that will be a rewrite of what's already there.
I tried to do some of that data analysis, but I forgot how I did the previous data, so I was confused for a while and then went back to writing.

After SB, I came home and hung out with Teh Cute Girlfriend for a bit before heading out to DnD.
This time as a player.

I play at Enlightened Minds Gaming. This session there were only 8 people there :) Ha! actually I'm impressed with our DM for dealing with so many folks. I transformed from a Tiefling that I think was a player last week... unfortunately, my Tiefling body source had stuck their arm inside a Mimic. After getting chewed on for a bit, I was turned into a potted plant by my Wild Magic Surge... I was cute but useless. Later on we fought a Mind Flayer, we probably could have killed it, but folks weren't attacking.... The Fog Cloud I cast around us probably didn't help.Wild Magic is fun. But we ended the night getting to level 5.

The rest of the night we just hung out and watched TV.

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