Thursday, January 10, 2019

Post-DM Blehs

Hey friendos!

Woke up.
Went to work.
Took the bus, Nice.
Worked on Abstract.
Boss walks in, scaring me.
We chat about conference and stuff.
LT come in to run today's experiments.
I catalog which subjects have done what.
Boss leaves work to wait for Big Buck Hunter.
LT leaves to wait for Big Buck Hunter to help carry.
I leave, figuring I'd write at a coffee shop, as I like to do.
There's drama with the bus, I become upset and call for a ride.
Teh Cute Girlfriend picks me up and we go get some gas at Costco.
When we went home, I made lunch, I didn't get to eat breakfast, ate a lot.
Then I just napped for a couple of hours (getting home took about two hours).
So I went to DnD when I woke up, but my throat is hoarse, so I couldn't DM today.
Luckily, they found room for all my players at other tables, plus, I got a chance to play.
After a brief (3 hour) adventure at White Plume Mountain, the night of gaming was over :(
I went home and Teh Cute Girlfriend and I ate and snuggled and watched some Flying Witch.
That was my day!!
Hope you liked it!
Tell me about yours!

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