Monday, January 21, 2019


That was the worst Spirit to get. I of course got it using my immeasurable talent and skill... jk it was luck, peach killed herself while I wasn't looking. :) *shrug emoji*

Other than that, I wrote a little bit. LT invited me over, but we were gonna be homebodies. Except for wanting to dig out our car. We got all dolled up to dig out our car, but there was no shovel. The apartment said that each building would have a shovel. So, like last year, we headed down to release our car from its icy prison, but lo and behold, there was no shovel. There was a man there at first, that had a shovel, but when we returned, he was gone. Did he take the apartment shovel. Probably not, but I'm suspicious of him, 'cause I'm awful. :)
So I guess we'll just have to go back upstairs and play Super Smash Bros Ulimate. Still Fun.
I wrote a little bit, my approach Aim 1 is coming along terribly, I presume. I just can't seem to find the energy or motivation to do the thing. I really really just want to stop doing everything, but I can't :(
Maybe I'm depressed, but I'm not particularly sad, well at least not more than usual. But I don't feel like doing things. I just want to sit at home and play nintendo and D&D. The Brainery hasn't got back to me about teaching an Intro to D&D class, so I assume that I wasn't among "The Chosen".
I received an e-mail from the teacher of the Improv classes (from a mailing list). That had some other classes and things available. Maybe I should do that... or go back to Swing, I think it's been long enough that I have forgotten my bad habit... Yep, see, I wanna do everything but work a job :(
If it doesn't spark joy, is it worth keeping?

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