Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Necklaces and Yigs

Hi Friends!

After a tasty morning b-fast, Teh Cute Girlfriend and I went to Main Street Arts in Clifton Springs, NY, to pick up a piece of art she submitted. The drive was pretty crazy, it was raining hard most of the way there. The way back wasn't too bad, it was still raining, but it has let up a little bit.

When we got back, we headed out to the local Starboo, so I could write. I remembered I needed to book a hotel for the ARO conference coming up. Unfortunately, there were no more available at the actual hotel, so I needed to get a room at the overflow hotel, which is .2 miles away. :( I need to decide whether to drive or fly still.  I worked on an abstract due next week. Was reminded that I needed to work on a poster for ARO, in addition to my proposal... :/

In the evening, we went back home, I alone went to LT's house. We were going to go to the FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) and play a standalone Arkham: LCG scenarios (that's why we talked about the game so much yesterday). I was playing Lola Hayes (the actress), she's notoriously difficult to play, but I think my deck build was pretty good. The thing that wrecked me was THREE! extremely important token draws that were auto-fails... :( One of those stopped me from being able to play cards for a while. Another caused a delay of movement of two people, forcing the other players to come over to help, instead of completing the stage we were on. The last was an important attack, that would have let me help another player :(. But we all had fun, despite losing. And we played for a couple of hours, so not too bad :)

I got home, and I played a little more of Mario vs Rabbits: Kingdom Battle. Then We ate and watched some Teen Titans GO!

Lemme know your worst auto-fails :)

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