Tuesday, January 1, 2019

In With The Yig

From the depths of Yoth friends.


When was the last time I did this huh? Probably yesterday. I literally almost forgot that this thing existed. Luckily, I am writing again today.

Yesterday I went to friend's house and we started a The Forgotten Age campaign for the Arkham Horror: LCG. If you've never heard of it, it's a card game in which you build a deck from a collection of cards. There are investigators that fulfill certain roles in the game with specific deck building requirements. The whole thing is a fun adventure in a Cthulhu mythos setting. I spent a lot of my daytime there.

For the evening, I went home and Teh Cute Girlfriend and I got ready for NYE!

Oh, before that!
We played Just Dance 2019! I think I'm getting better, but of course I lost mostly. The selection of songs is pretty good, and I might sign us up for Just Dance Unlimited (you get access to 400+ songs), but it's a subscription service, so that won't happen until it makes sense.

We went to The Spirit Room (Rochester). It's a bar started by a band of writer friends. It stands for inclusion and creativity and fun weirdos! But they had a great NYE party celebration! We arrived about 40 min. before the celebrations, and the bar was already full. Luckily there was some space on the stage, so we were able to just sit in basically the best seat in the house. The show consisted of a bunch of cool burlesque acts, including a story reading, a witch-y ceremony, and a small play. The friend I played game with came over to the bar too. It was a good time, we brought in the new year in style :) We stayed through a few songs before karaoke began and then headed home at about 1230. We tried to find some burgers or pizza, but both late night places were closed. So we settled on some homemade food and watching TV.

Long but nice night spent.

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