Tuesday, January 8, 2019

I Ate Mondays

Hi friends!

Building some brand recognition there. :)

Went to work in the early morn, for lab meeting, again, I missed the bus. I do not at all know the bus schedule for winter break, I also don't know when it's over, or how to walk.

Luckily, the visitor lot doesn't have a lot of people in it during the break, so I can park there. Yes, yes, that's the lot that I had to pay to park in last week, whatevs bro. I met, we went to work. LT is super into Arkham LCG, which is a good game, but it's surprising how hard he's into it. Of course, that's what I like about him, when he's into something, he's INTO it.
So I spent the day alternating between work and talking about the LCG. At 4 though, I had our writing group meeting. It's where a select few of us neuro grad BME students... of which there are only us few, meet up and critique each others' writing. As you can probably tell, I've learned nothing :/
After Writing Group, I went over to LT's house, he was hosting an acquaintance of mine (friend of his) and wanted to play some bored games. As seen on my Insta (@Raulrod00) we played Fallout (the boardgame). The new expansion recently came out and he hasn't gotten a chance to play it.
After the 4 hour play, we started Heroes of Terrinoth  (as you can tell LT is kind of an FFG Stan).
That went surprisingly poorly. :) Of course we (being seasoned game players) started with a hard scenario. Mistakes were made. I ended up going home at around midnight.

Luckily I avoided the falling of the freezing rain, but I did not avoid it's aftereffects. But, I took it slow, better to get home alive than without a car... or life. Well, that was my day, hope you had a great one too!

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