Monday, January 21, 2019

Hello friends,
Welcome to this the first of two single shots, same time, kinda, just one after the other,
I like commas.
The point is! I woke up. SNOWMAGEDDON 2019!
It's fine.
There was about 16" of snow. It was snowing all day.
The roads are still white. Where them plows at?
We enjoyed the day, just cuddling and keeping warm.
We did go outside.
I wanted to livestream Snowmageddon 2019.
My phone was being a piece of junk. On the plus side, it looks as though I was doing some sweet editing techniques. (but really it was just losing signal :) Oh, it also died within the 15 minutes that we were outside. It went from like 57% to dead. Teh Cute Girlfriend and I put our phones in rice, just in case though.

Ah, something I forgot to mention, I tried to get a quote on the domain, it was 2300 dollars. I'm not paying more than $75 for that domain name, considering that it was at auction for $65, but that squatting company swooped in at the last minute to buy it to upcharge anyone that wants it. Squatting is probably ridiculously lucrative.

Anywhays. That was it for Saturday. I beat Galeem in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, that was fun. That's aboot all I can recall.

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