Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Filed Day

hey friends,
no, I didn't forget about you, I was just soooooo tired :)
monday morning, I got up, ate a Siggi's yogurt for b-fast, and went to work.
pretty easy so far.
i worked on the Aim I Approach section of my proposal.
i also told my boss about signing up for the vestibular research meeting.
i wasn't sure what all to sign up for, so I signed up for everything.
he said, "it's free, why wouldn't you?"
words of wisdom.

after typing all day, it was time for my writing group meeting.
they decimated my Significance section.
i was hoping that it was perfect, and that we would have time to check my Specific Aims section too.
but we spent a lot of time discussing how I was dumb :( jk

after writing group, i went home and ate some quick hummus.
because we (Teh Cute Girlfriend and I)  have an Intro to Woodworking class at the Rochester Makerspace!
the person in charge of the class, Rick Spencer, was fantastic.

he taught us about wood and showed us how to be safe!
we learned about and how to use the Table Saw, Joiner, Planer, Sander, Band Saw, and the Drill Press!
it was super cool! our cars turned out really great!
link to My Car.
i'm excited to keep on making stuff! next up? a game table?!?

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