Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Hello Friends!

I'm typing this with my phone, so it's gonna be a short one :)

It was a little weird that when I was typing amigurumi was one of the suggested words. I haven't used that word in a bit. It's crocheting little figures! I also haven't crocheted in a while as well, so maybe this year I'll re-pickup crocheting and knitting. (Like blogging)

I went to work and typed some stuff. We talked with our subject about role playing games. Went to lunch with our boss and returned to finish off the day. I found out there's more data to analyze and that makes me happy :)

After work, I hung out with Teh Cute Girlfriend for a little while before I went to DM (Dungeon Master for DnD) at Millenium Games. Where I go every Wednesday to provide a fun classics storytelling environment for myself and my players :P
Today was fun. They stormed an island that was too strong for them. The ballista shots weren't warning enough... The fireball shooting cannons weren't warning enough... The alarms weren't warning enough... The multiple gargoyles weren't warning enough... Once forty soldiers shot forty arrows... did they finally start getting the hint. Unfortunately for them, the unnecessary fight took all night so they didn't earn much ACP, but they got to taste the closeness of death, so they did alright :)

After that, laundry!

Story over, I'm sleep-writing this :)

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