Monday, January 14, 2019

Baking Roads

Hey friends!
So to the second post of the day. Honestly, I forgot all about teh blog. But I remembered now :)
Plus I promised to keep up with this thing this time (yes, I know I always do and then mass wipe my history).
The point is I woke up! earlier than I wanted to, but not terribly early.
I ate b-fast and said goodbye to Teh Cute Girlfriend.
I had an appointment! At a school where I'm doing a sound gig.
Well, technically I'm only supposed to supervise the kids who are supposed to run sound. LT came with me to check out the setup the first day. The problem was... all of the kids that normally do the sound decided not to do it this year. So, they wanted us to run the show. Unfortunately, that wasn't the agreement. So we renegotiated and came to an agreement. The setup at this place was pretty not great. It's not that it was bad, but the last times that they ran shows it was done at other schools with much better equipment. Some of the body packs were wrecked, some of the batteries didn't work, and two body packs and two handhelds shared receivers. Well, since we were going to have to run the show, we were given a script. We marked up the soundboard (analog, ugh) and started marking up the script. We left a little bit later, 'cause we can go through the script at home.
When I got home, I ate a little, and hung out with Teh Cute Girlfriend a little. Then we took off 'cause she had to pick up her artwork from the Rochester Contemporary Art Center. Plus, we wanted to go grocery-ing. We stopped by Wegman's and then to Wal-mart, 'cause we wanted earplugs and safety glasses (for our woodworking class tonight). We bought a chocolate donut and can of donut-holes and a tea beverage. We ate them in the car while driving. Teh Cute Girlfriend said that the chocolate covered donuts reminded her of her childhood. The powered donut-holes reminded me of my childhood, I always loved the powdered donut packs. :) Then to Costco... but it was closed, we missed it by 10 minutes :(
We finally went to pick up the artwork. Luckily we found a nearby parking spot. The lady who helped us get it down said some nice things about it and also handed us a million postcard thingies to give to friends.
After that, we went home, ate, watched some Teen Titans Go! I started a little bit of I Love You, America by Sarah Silverman. nice, relaxy night.

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