Saturday, January 12, 2019

Back in Blisness?

Howdy Amigos!
Woke up yesterday, ate some b-fast. Then I went to work! I think I went at about 930ish.
I took the car and parked at the local Starbucks-face. Why? 'cause I had to leave early to go work a sound gig. I worked on my proposal some more. Then I went downstairs to see my PI, but he wasn't there, so I assume that he had some cases to work (he's a real doctor). Which was unfortunate, I had some questions about registering for the vestibular research meeting that we wanted to go to. It had some options for a tour and days you wanted to go... so I wasn't sure what our plans were. Plus, I was gonna ask about accommodations. Well, since he wasn't there, I just signed up for everything and submitted my abstract. I didn't have to present a poster, but I think that my PI would want me to do one.
I left work a little early, so that I could go home, and say hi to Teh Cute Girlfriend, and eat before I needed to be at the show. Relaxing for a bit was nice. But soon enough, it was 315 and I needed to be on my way. The event was in Farmington, NY (about 30 min away) at Cobblestone Arts. It was a nice little place built by a wife and husband team, to introduce art to the differently abled community. Luckily, LT went the day before and setup up the system, so all I had to do was run it. The dress rehearsal went rather poorly on my end. But after some slight adjustments, I'm glad to say that the actual show went very well. (the kids during both were really good). After the performances ended, it was relatively easy to pack up and put everything away. The drive home was a little cold and long, but it was okay. I didn't want to leave LT's stuff in the car, but I couldn't take up the heavier item, 'cause our elevator is broken. Hopefully it'll all be alright, I'm pretty sure that the stuff has been left in cold cars before.

That was my day! How was yours?

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