Friday, January 4, 2019


Hola senores y senoritas.

For today, I went to work in the morning and typitty-typed a bit. We went downstairs to fetch some free coffee (LT and I). We stumbled upon a potential faculty hire, so we couldn't talk our boss into getting us lunch. However, that didn't deter LT from going to our standard Friday spot... Guacamole in East Rochester followed by Silverball Saloon for pinball. We caught up to our boss... totally unexpectedly ;P.

After work, I hung out with Teh Cute Girlfriend for a little bit. She needed to go to the Rochester Contemporary Art Center (as seen on Buzzfeed), to talk about her work and life. Her talk wan't until 8pm, so we hung out checking out the other artist talks until then. After her talk, we had just a few minutes to go to the closing of Anna's Sketch Studio and Gallery. We got to say bye and pet the fluffy buns. If you want to catch the buns-face, it's on my Instagram @Raulrod00. After that and some Caramel Whiskey shots, we were ready to head out to The Yards. They were having an artist open house, and one of our favorite artist (Maria Victoria Savka) has as residency there. We also got to meet an artist named Molly Elizabeth (whose work was awesome). Then it was back home for a bit then blog. :)

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