Monday, January 14, 2019

Baking Roads

Hey friends!
So to the second post of the day. Honestly, I forgot all about teh blog. But I remembered now :)
Plus I promised to keep up with this thing this time (yes, I know I always do and then mass wipe my history).
The point is I woke up! earlier than I wanted to, but not terribly early.
I ate b-fast and said goodbye to Teh Cute Girlfriend.
I had an appointment! At a school where I'm doing a sound gig.
Well, technically I'm only supposed to supervise the kids who are supposed to run sound. LT came with me to check out the setup the first day. The problem was... all of the kids that normally do the sound decided not to do it this year. So, they wanted us to run the show. Unfortunately, that wasn't the agreement. So we renegotiated and came to an agreement. The setup at this place was pretty not great. It's not that it was bad, but the last times that they ran shows it was done at other schools with much better equipment. Some of the body packs were wrecked, some of the batteries didn't work, and two body packs and two handhelds shared receivers. Well, since we were going to have to run the show, we were given a script. We marked up the soundboard (analog, ugh) and started marking up the script. We left a little bit later, 'cause we can go through the script at home.
When I got home, I ate a little, and hung out with Teh Cute Girlfriend a little. Then we took off 'cause she had to pick up her artwork from the Rochester Contemporary Art Center. Plus, we wanted to go grocery-ing. We stopped by Wegman's and then to Wal-mart, 'cause we wanted earplugs and safety glasses (for our woodworking class tonight). We bought a chocolate donut and can of donut-holes and a tea beverage. We ate them in the car while driving. Teh Cute Girlfriend said that the chocolate covered donuts reminded her of her childhood. The powered donut-holes reminded me of my childhood, I always loved the powdered donut packs. :) Then to Costco... but it was closed, we missed it by 10 minutes :(
We finally went to pick up the artwork. Luckily we found a nearby parking spot. The lady who helped us get it down said some nice things about it and also handed us a million postcard thingies to give to friends.
After that, we went home, ate, watched some Teen Titans Go! I started a little bit of I Love You, America by Sarah Silverman. nice, relaxy night.

Ketching Up

Saturday, finally a day in.
And so I spent it the way I like spending days... slacking. I slacked for most of the day. We watched tv all day and hung out.
That's it. :)

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Back in Blisness?

Howdy Amigos!
Woke up yesterday, ate some b-fast. Then I went to work! I think I went at about 930ish.
I took the car and parked at the local Starbucks-face. Why? 'cause I had to leave early to go work a sound gig. I worked on my proposal some more. Then I went downstairs to see my PI, but he wasn't there, so I assume that he had some cases to work (he's a real doctor). Which was unfortunate, I had some questions about registering for the vestibular research meeting that we wanted to go to. It had some options for a tour and days you wanted to go... so I wasn't sure what our plans were. Plus, I was gonna ask about accommodations. Well, since he wasn't there, I just signed up for everything and submitted my abstract. I didn't have to present a poster, but I think that my PI would want me to do one.
I left work a little early, so that I could go home, and say hi to Teh Cute Girlfriend, and eat before I needed to be at the show. Relaxing for a bit was nice. But soon enough, it was 315 and I needed to be on my way. The event was in Farmington, NY (about 30 min away) at Cobblestone Arts. It was a nice little place built by a wife and husband team, to introduce art to the differently abled community. Luckily, LT went the day before and setup up the system, so all I had to do was run it. The dress rehearsal went rather poorly on my end. But after some slight adjustments, I'm glad to say that the actual show went very well. (the kids during both were really good). After the performances ended, it was relatively easy to pack up and put everything away. The drive home was a little cold and long, but it was okay. I didn't want to leave LT's stuff in the car, but I couldn't take up the heavier item, 'cause our elevator is broken. Hopefully it'll all be alright, I'm pretty sure that the stuff has been left in cold cars before.

That was my day! How was yours?

Friday, January 11, 2019

Welcome to the End?

Hey Friends!

This morning, I woke up. The snow was crazy. I decided to go to a coffee shop today to work.
I went to the Starboo at Monroe this time... well, it's been the last few times. Luckily I was able to write my abstract for the Vestibular Research Meeting in Dayton. I sent it off to LT, he signed off on it. Then I sent it to my boss, he signed off on it. So I went to register and submit... But I had no idea that the registration process was gonna be confusing, so I figured I'd wait until Tomorrow when I could ask my boss.
After that, I worked on my proposal and made some more headway, but I still need a lot more to go. I bought another latte when I left. It was Starboo happy hour, so the latte was 50% off. I brought it home for Teh Cute Girlfriend, but she didn't feel like a dessert style coffee at the moment, so I drank it. I fought the nap :) I then went to play DnD!
Oridove the wild magic sorcerer helped out a bit. I forgot to do one wild magic surge, so I was a little sad when I realized it, but it was kinda for the best. Wild Magic tends to be unpredictable ;P
I did do a couple rolls to see what the effect would have been, they were actually pretty good, I would have either fired off magic missile or I would have restored my sorcery points. I also told our DM that I wouldn't be able to attend next week and that I wouldn't be able to regularly attend :(
There's just soo many things that are scheduled for Thursday, that I wanted the option to do those things.
That was my day, I went home and watched TV and ate and slept :)

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Post-DM Blehs

Hey friendos!

Woke up.
Went to work.
Took the bus, Nice.
Worked on Abstract.
Boss walks in, scaring me.
We chat about conference and stuff.
LT come in to run today's experiments.
I catalog which subjects have done what.
Boss leaves work to wait for Big Buck Hunter.
LT leaves to wait for Big Buck Hunter to help carry.
I leave, figuring I'd write at a coffee shop, as I like to do.
There's drama with the bus, I become upset and call for a ride.
Teh Cute Girlfriend picks me up and we go get some gas at Costco.
When we went home, I made lunch, I didn't get to eat breakfast, ate a lot.
Then I just napped for a couple of hours (getting home took about two hours).
So I went to DnD when I woke up, but my throat is hoarse, so I couldn't DM today.
Luckily, they found room for all my players at other tables, plus, I got a chance to play.
After a brief (3 hour) adventure at White Plume Mountain, the night of gaming was over :(
I went home and Teh Cute Girlfriend and I ate and snuggled and watched some Flying Witch.
That was my day!!
Hope you liked it!
Tell me about yours!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Necklaces and Yigs

Hi Friends!

After a tasty morning b-fast, Teh Cute Girlfriend and I went to Main Street Arts in Clifton Springs, NY, to pick up a piece of art she submitted. The drive was pretty crazy, it was raining hard most of the way there. The way back wasn't too bad, it was still raining, but it has let up a little bit.

When we got back, we headed out to the local Starboo, so I could write. I remembered I needed to book a hotel for the ARO conference coming up. Unfortunately, there were no more available at the actual hotel, so I needed to get a room at the overflow hotel, which is .2 miles away. :( I need to decide whether to drive or fly still.  I worked on an abstract due next week. Was reminded that I needed to work on a poster for ARO, in addition to my proposal... :/

In the evening, we went back home, I alone went to LT's house. We were going to go to the FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) and play a standalone Arkham: LCG scenarios (that's why we talked about the game so much yesterday). I was playing Lola Hayes (the actress), she's notoriously difficult to play, but I think my deck build was pretty good. The thing that wrecked me was THREE! extremely important token draws that were auto-fails... :( One of those stopped me from being able to play cards for a while. Another caused a delay of movement of two people, forcing the other players to come over to help, instead of completing the stage we were on. The last was an important attack, that would have let me help another player :(. But we all had fun, despite losing. And we played for a couple of hours, so not too bad :)

I got home, and I played a little more of Mario vs Rabbits: Kingdom Battle. Then We ate and watched some Teen Titans GO!

Lemme know your worst auto-fails :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

I Ate Mondays

Hi friends!

Building some brand recognition there. :)

Went to work in the early morn, for lab meeting, again, I missed the bus. I do not at all know the bus schedule for winter break, I also don't know when it's over, or how to walk.

Luckily, the visitor lot doesn't have a lot of people in it during the break, so I can park there. Yes, yes, that's the lot that I had to pay to park in last week, whatevs bro. I met, we went to work. LT is super into Arkham LCG, which is a good game, but it's surprising how hard he's into it. Of course, that's what I like about him, when he's into something, he's INTO it.
So I spent the day alternating between work and talking about the LCG. At 4 though, I had our writing group meeting. It's where a select few of us neuro grad BME students... of which there are only us few, meet up and critique each others' writing. As you can probably tell, I've learned nothing :/
After Writing Group, I went over to LT's house, he was hosting an acquaintance of mine (friend of his) and wanted to play some bored games. As seen on my Insta (@Raulrod00) we played Fallout (the boardgame). The new expansion recently came out and he hasn't gotten a chance to play it.
After the 4 hour play, we started Heroes of Terrinoth  (as you can tell LT is kind of an FFG Stan).
That went surprisingly poorly. :) Of course we (being seasoned game players) started with a hard scenario. Mistakes were made. I ended up going home at around midnight.

Luckily I avoided the falling of the freezing rain, but I did not avoid it's aftereffects. But, I took it slow, better to get home alive than without a car... or life. Well, that was my day, hope you had a great one too!

Baking Roads

Hey friends! So to the second post of the day. Honestly, I forgot all about teh blog. But I remembered now :) Plus I promised to keep up w...