Thursday, February 1, 2018

oh, ok, cool

Like what I did with the title? no, I should stop... :(
Don't be mean.
So I thought it had been years since I last posted, but I guess it's only been 3 days. Not too shabby!
I was "away" for a bit (i.e. working on my Poster for the ARO conference next week)
Check it out below:
Hopefully it's fine. I read somewhere once that Science is about what you're allowed to do... I think that's the quote, I'm not gonna look it up.
That's mostly what my life's been about these last couple of days.
That and POINTS!
Want to earn money while not really doing anything different?
DROP! (use reference code: ctg90)
It's pretty awesome, and I've already earned 75 dollars with it (guess which offer I did) :P
Second, HQ Trivia? Have you heard about this? It's an online game show that you play at 3 and 9!
They ask 12 questions, and the winners split the pot. How cool is that?
If you sign up, use: Raulrod00 as your reference!
That's about all I've been doing. Trueblue surveys take too long.
Ah, I started listening to Drunks and Dragons podcast. It's pretty funny and it makes me want to play dungeons and dragons :P
Oh, and I started listening to Latinos Out Loud; It's pretty funny and it's a Latinx-centered show, which is a nice change of pace.
And I think I've mentioned Fave This; on the Kotaku network. It's a pretty great show about gaming and gaming culture. I like it 'cause the hosts can get real and they're also pretty entertaining.
My standard podcast network Lasertime is still pumping out the hits, but it's nice to have some diverse viewpoints.
That's it. hopefully I actually begin writing at some point. :P

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