Monday, February 12, 2018

delays, posters, symposiums, tacos?

Yo all!
I'm currently in San Diego! Doing what? Who knows.
Ostensibly attending symposiums, lectures, and poster sessions. I'll just leave it at that so I don't get into trouble :P

JK, I'm checking out the current research in my field, but unfortunately most of the work here is auditory :( But it's alright, the vestibular stuff I've seen has been cool.

Plus, I got a chance to go to a bunch of mentoring type events for students. Those have been really helpful for answering questions, and providing some insight into the life of a scientist.

I also ate at a delicious Mexican place that had some fantastic tacos: The Blind Burro. I liked them 'cause they were veggie tacos! My PI had tacos de lengua, he enjoyed those too! (that's tongue gringos)

And of course, any reimbursed outing is going to have a trip to The Cheesecake Factory! I got a veggie burger and a Celebration Cheesecake (it was giant).

This kinda makes it seem like it all happened right now, but it's happened over the last several hours... well, couple of days.

Oh, my flight got delayed by two days! BOO! Jetblue didn't give me any cooler perks than their standard 200 dollar credit for the flight being cancelled. It was okay though, I hung out with my girlfriend for an extra day.

I called Chase, 'cause they can reimburse delayed flight expenses, but I only spent 1 meals' worth, so it wouldn't be worth the trouble. Hopefully, the travel grant can offset some of the questionable expenses... I'm over here looking at my finances and worried a bit. I wouldn't be so worried, but I accidentally payed two months rent this month, so money's a little tight rn :) Thanks god for credit cards?

So irresponsible.

Well, I'm enjoying my time at ARO, and have met a few people, I even got to meet the head of ARO and go to his suite, it was nice, and he seems cool. Well, he laughed when I said he suggested I throw myself out of the window... Maybe Teh Cute Girlfriend is right and I should change my sense of humor... No one tell her I said that ('cause she won't read this :)

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