Friday, January 26, 2018

week rant, square.

Yo All,
I know, I know. I guess that's what happens when you write a post a little early... you forget to write :P
Let's see, Tuesday. I did Solo Jazz class oh! I just remembered, I went to Lab managers house and worked out on his TRX. We did 30s Charleston in class... I'm gonna feel it tomorrow.
I actually started on physically working on my poster... I say physically, 'cause I've been thinking about it for a while now. I was definitely sore... I also did my Balboa class. I'm still a little uncomfortable with the partner stance, but I'm getting the hang of the moves. We're twirling! Hopefully they continue the class series, 'cause it seems fun!
Finally caught up! Spent yesterday at "work" helping URA set up the simulation stuff I made... most of that time was troubleshooting all this stuff I hadn't seen in decades :P Unfortunately, I didn't get to work on my poster as much I wanted. Teh Cute Girlfriend and I went to go see "The Square" at The Little Theatre. It was a one night event co-hosted by the Rochester Contemporary Art Center, The Little, and sponsored by Ugly Duck Coffee. Ugly Duck Coffee was giving out free samples of its coffee and it was really good! Teh Cute Girlfriend and I are planning to go sometime. The Little also has a bunch of movies playing that we really want to watch ("Shape of Water", "Lady Bird", "Three Billboards...") so we're probably going to return soon! It was a cool event, they had movie trivia... we did not answer correctly. :P

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