Friday, January 12, 2018

turn in, naps

Hey all!
Welcome back. I've looked at my numbers, even the Russian bots have left me :(.
Haha, that's okay, that's the price you pay for no content.
I drove to work, 'cause the bus drove by its stop 2 minutes before it should have been there. Grrr.
So I walked back home to drive to work.
I spent the time trying to get my id card to work. Resident guy tried helping me out with it. He took my ID card to go get it settled. In the meantime, I went to go work on the rotating chair with New Researcher.
After lunch, I went to take care of some errands. I went to the DMV to turn in my old Honda's license plates. Then I went to my insurance company so that I could cancel my policy.
I went home after that. Thenn?!?!?!
I passed tf out!
for like 10 hours. I woke up super late. Teh Cute Girlfriend and I watched Spice and Wolf until it ended. Then I popped in Dr. Who. (I'm rewatching the "new" series)
I felt alright, until it was sleep time. Then, my stupid throat started wanting to cough without stop, it was the best. I took some NyQuil (well, poor-man's NQ) and passed out!

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