Thursday, January 18, 2018

slipping, midnights

Yo All!
I know, I should stick to consistent word usage in order to maximize my SEO bruh, but, I won't.
I'm overly anti-SEO maximizing, apparently also anti-money making :)
The point is yesterday I went to school, I didn't  have breakfast :( but I was okay.
I spent the morning doing my list of actions (GTD FTW, except it all seems like too much work, and some of the decisions are nebulous, which makes them hard to keep track of... but like the book says, you need not necessarily follow everything in the book, but you can learn some tricks.). My favorite is finding out what your goal is and finding the next action you can take to accomplish it. It really motivates you, 'cause you get in the mindset. That being said, I didn't really write :(
I did however ask my PI about poster presentation/creation and stuff. Oh, and the dress code. I figured it was Business Casual, but he said that folks just walk around in t-shirts and jeans, and that he's made fun of students that rocked suits :) So I'm glad that we spoke before  I spent anymore money on clothes :P
I drank some free coffee and ate some leftover donut holes. There were powdered donuts there too, but I popped one in my mouth and it was (no hyperbole) like biting into a jawbreaker.
Oh, I also got a new ID card. I figured I'd have to pay a replacement fee, but it was free, so it wasn't bad.
I went through all the files on my computer and sorted them out so that they make sense, instead of haphazardly arranged and impossible to find files. I decided to re-analyze the data and store it better.
Then it was time to go home.
I got home, ate a little, then Teh Cute Girlfriend and I went to drop off the return items from Amazon and then to the store!
When we got home, I ate a little more, then I went to dance class. It's Balboa 1 at Groove Juice Swing. It was pretty fun. The folks that gave me guff for wanting to practice instead of going to the social dance were there. I don't like them. They make me not want to dance. :)
Why don't I go to the social dance?
'cause I want to get better, I've gotten super self-conscious of my dancing and I want to be better before I go dancing with folks. Practice lead to confidence, that's all I want.
After class, I went home and we ate dinner and watched the new Agents of Shield and Star Trek: Discovery :)
That was my day, hope yours was good too!

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