Sunday, January 14, 2018

saturday, sleeperday

Yo yo yo!
So let's start the night off right! I say night, 'cause I'm pretty sure that we stayed up til 3 am again.
In that time, we were watching Doctor Who, so many feels from David Tennant's Doctor. After we went to sleep, I ended up waking up around 1050, I made waffles! It had been a while since we had waffles :) They turned out great! I miss them right now, typing this :)
We spent the day just mucking about doing not much. I hullabalooed on the interwebs. Teh Cute Girlfriend read a bunch. That's it for Saturday, it was cold outside! So we didn't do anything adventurous. I think we're both making progress with our sickness though. Oh, and I'm wrecking Jetblue's Trueblue points with all the surveys I'm taking :P Slide up in my DMs if you wanna FB friend some badges stuff. :)

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