Tuesday, January 16, 2018

MLK, day off

Cool, Monday was a school holiday!
So, I got to stay in... bed.
Man, recently my time has been full of sleep. I guess that isn't a bad thing. Except I have a lot of work to do. Teh Cute Girlfriend suggested we go out today... She's been fairly sequestered since she got sick.
So we went to Starbucks, where I intended to work. Instead, I found an organization structure book. It's Get It Done. Apparently pretty popular. I read through most of the beginning of the book, it was the first of three parts. But I got excited about trying the rest of the things. Oh, I also had their new Blonde Latte. The BS thing about it is that I got a Bonus Star offer for lattes, immediately after I bought one... I'm pretty sure that they time that garbage specifically.
After hanging out at Starbucks for about an eternity, we walked across the street to Han Noodle Bar!
(Oh there was also an unpleasant person at Starbucks, loudly bemoaning the conditions found in certain countries and how they are awful.... If you read the news, you know what I'm referring to :P
Han was great as it always is. I tried the Green Onion (what's that other word?) Pancake w/ sour cream. I also had the Spicy Tofu Steamed Buns. Teh Cute Girlfriend had Hot & Sour Soup and the Shiitake Mushroom Steamed Buns. The Shallot (?) Pancake was great, I didn't know what to expect, but I'm glad I tried it. (I also wanted the Z Toi, but they were out of it).
Amazon still says they couldn't deliver my pants.... it's weird. :)
But that was my day :)

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