Sunday, January 28, 2018

lol, gahmes

Yo all!
Don't remember when I last did this, so I'll just continue the way it be.
Did nothing too exciting yesterday. Just spent the day hanging out with Teh Cute Girlfriend. The evening though, I actually went out to do thing. It was crazy, 'cause I'm hella boring :)
Lab Manager invited me over to his friend's house to play board games. We ended up playing Coup, Joking Hazard, and Citadels. They were all pretty fun, I won Joking Hazard, almost won Coup, and completely lost, humiliatingly, Citadels.
We ate Pizza, Gluten Free Brownies, and I learned that some refrigerators can be turned off.... and then it requires a complicated sequence of button presses to restart... like why even have that option?
I didn't work on anything I was supposed to, so hopefully I will do so tomorrow... eep.
Alright, hope you had a good Saturday!

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