Saturday, January 13, 2018

friday, friday, gotta still be sick on friday

Yo all!
So to be clear, I'm pretty sure the worst of it is over, just have a little bit of lingering cough, but the internet assures me that it'll only last for about a week more.
Hopefully, it'll get better before danse again on Tuesday. Yes, I know that I spelled it danse, and that I have been... I don't care, I think it's dumb, and sometimes you gotta do dumb things.
I woke up a little later than I wanted to, ended up missing the 936 bus, so I decided to drive in again.
I parked in the lot in front of the school, even though it's a pay lot... it bugs me that I'm paying 6 bucks to go to school, but that's the price I pay for being in a drug induced stupor.
I wrote for a bit, I chatted with lab manager, we went downstairs and ended up helping my PI move to new office. I decided to head out a little early because the winter storm was going to hit around commute time. I figured I should head out to the store to stock up on some food before the winter storm hit. It was a bit cold, and rainy, but I got it done.
Once I got home, I powernapped again.
I woke up at 8 ish, and then we spent the rest of the time watching TV.
I keep looking for button up shirts and pants and shoes for the conference, but I'm still hesitant on spending money.
That's all for today, check out tomorrow!

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