Friday, January 19, 2018

failing memories, undone doings

Yo all!
Don't let the somber titles fool ya! This post will be ELECTRIC*!
*Not electric at all
I woke up at around 4 coughing hysterically... so that was cool. Spent the next couple hours or so dealing with that. I was terrible surprised to find that I had overslept... til 2 pm. :( Not hella productive, I know. Ate "breakfast" and then spent some time working on figuring out how much money I've spent in 2 months. (I'm trying to spend 4000 in 90 days to 600 worth of travel money... CHASE!*) It works out, since I was going to travel a bit for the conference, then the travel to Texas,
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plus going to Houston hopefully in  6 months or so... I need to figure out when to inform everybody. :)
Teh Cute Girlfriend had a cool seminar series she's attending about business for art folks, which seemed cool. Plus, afterwards we got Pizza! It was Pontillo's, which we both like. :)
I spent my time not budgeting, watching Dr. Who and doing Surveys for TrueBlue Points :)
That was my night, finished the Matt Smith run, and now I'm on to Peter Capaldi's Doctor (which has one of my favorite episodes, if not my favorite), exciting!

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