Sunday, January 21, 2018

costing, landring

Yo all!
In practice of getting my sleep schedule in order, I set an alarm to wake up Sunday. It didn't quite work. But it was okay, 'cause it was still earlier than it was Saturday.
Made some delicious b-fast and woke up Teh Cute Girlfriend.
We then decided to do laundry, but first!
A trip to Costco. I invited URA 'cause she wanted to go.
It was a good trip, I forgot my wallet and was mercilessly made fun of :(
Everyone's so mean to me.
But I bought a Tres Leches Cake from Costco. I gave a quarter of it to URA and we had little slices of it when we helped bring groceries up. It was pretty good, but not like "authentic" tres leches. Haha.
We were going to eat some faux pulled pork and potatoes... but I really wanted some pizza... so we ate pizza.
Then I ate some more cake.
Oh, and we did laundry :)

Oh, but there was some disheartening news today. Wendell Castle, famous Rochester artist, died last night. Teh Cute Girlfriend and I really liked his work. The Memorial Art Gallery had just recently had an exhibition. It was fantastic and I'm glad he got to know how much the community liked him. Rest in Peace.

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