Saturday, January 20, 2018

backs up, 1.9 pounds

Okay, fine, my blags are taking on a similar format to the way they used to be, but luckily no one cares :)
Hi friends.
Yesterday, I went to work. I started clearing out my desktop, so that I could organized stuff. I also... something something.
The next random thing that happened was that I summoned our URA (Undergrad Research Assistant) with a giant bag of Sour Patch Kids. We ended up catching up, she told me all about her trip to Ireland, and I told her all about how I'm jealous :( She didn't even kiss the Blarney Stone tho, so I'm not sure how even she visited Ireland. Although maybe that criteria for visiting the Emerald Isle is too harsh, 'cause then I wouldn't have visited either. :P
The other thing that I did was Teh Cute Girlfriend and I went to the Memorial Art Gallery's Bowie Birthday Bash! It was super fun. They had Bowie music playing all night, and Bowie music videos playing on screen. Folks were dressed in Bowie costumes from throughout his career. Some were super awesome.
My personal favorite was Teh Cute Girlfriend's Bowie arrested by the Rochester PD costume. It was pretty simple, but she really looked like him. There was a couple other Bowie Prison folks, one was a full out grayscaled version (facepaint and all) the other was wearing multi-colored clothes and even two different color contacts. (But Teh Cute Girlfriend was still my fav). The cupcakes were great (Well the frosting) and they had sweet sweet Bowie cake too.
After the party, we just hung out at home and watched some TV. Fun!

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