Tuesday, October 10, 2017

it's been a while

Howdy friends!

In case you couldn't tell, I have infinitely more important things to do right now. (Hence this post).
I wonder how some bloggers do daily posts, heck even weekly posts.

I guess this is just an update on my hanging out in Rochester (where I still reside).

Have you ever seen other people try to come back to blogging? It's weird.

Anyways, I have found the truth and the light, so I'm going to discontinue this blog to focus on the Lord.

-see, that's an example of the type of entry that most folks make when they come back to their abandoned blog, but not this one!

I kinda just need an outlet to write atm, and Twitter isn't inspiring me (i.e. I want to ramble sometimes)

Let's see, yesterday I looked for a single subject data that could represent my entire data set, unfortunately my data's messy, so I'm trudging through it all to find good stuff.

I went swing dancing,for the first time in a while. I actually was just there to be a body, 'cause they didn't have enough leaders.

Teh Cute Girlfriend and I are working through each episode of Rick and Morty, we're almost caught up to the end of season 3.

Oh, I finished a crocheted hat, but it came out wrong, I lost stitches somewhere, so I tried again, I think I have it figured out. :P We'll see!

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