Sunday, October 29, 2017

clothes and crafts


woke up and struggled my way to breakfast, enjoying some egg-tacos that I actually tried with the Trader Joe's fall salsa that I won yesterday. It was okay as far as salsa goes (you'll know how big a deal this is for me if you know my one-man campaign against salsa).

we then ended up going to Mueller's Cider House, where they were doing their annual donut tasting competition. we were looking forward to trying everyone's donuts...
this year was different, instead of having the general public vote on donuts, they had a "professional" panel of judges vote. :(
one the plus side, they had free samples inside. they weren't labelled, so to try some, you had to have an awkward "Are those samples?" conversation with folks. It was okay, but I feel that if more people knew about the samples (or if they were correctly labelled) people would have stuck around longer. The outside had some little vendors set up which was cool... but real quick, can Lurallooe (sp?) pyramid schemers stay out of "local" vendors things. There was a band playing outside I wish i'd gotten their name, I liked the song they were playing, it was about missing Selena (I'm sure it wasn't about that "Selena", but I like pretending). There was another band setting up inside, but we didn't stick around. We just bought some fresh made Duke's Donuts and took off to:

Second Storie Craft Fair!
It was at Second Chic in south wedge! It was a fun time! There were some of our favourite crafts people there, so it was interesting to see what they had been working on :)

After touring the Fair, we shopped around for used clothes! I found a Craghopper longsleeve shirt for 8 dollars, which I hear is quite a deal. Teh Cute Girlfriend bought a couple of dresses! Afterwards, we went to the Starbucks on Monroe to hang out and drink coffee. It was a good time for sitting inside as the weather had turned rainy.

After a while, we came back home and finished up Stranger Things. Teh Cute Girlfriend hadn't seen it yet, so we started watching it a few days ago. Now we're ready for Season 2!

Oh, I tried some of the Hot Chocolate that I won (it's from Trader Joe's). NOTE: Don't follow the instructions. I don't know who likes drinking thick melted chocolate, but most folks don't. I think when I try it again tomorrow, that I'll follow my heart for instructions.

Have a good day!

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