Saturday, October 28, 2017

another one dead and gone

Hey weirdos that still read this!

Just posting 'cause I'm bored. (Yes, before you ask, I should be working, but...)

Yesterday was the Memorial Art Gallery's Annual Museum of the Dead! It was super-fun!

Local DJ Hero DJ Alykhan was turning out the jams. Trader Joe's was hanging out handing out free chocolate bars... pity them, not knowing the bottomless hole that is my love for candy. :)

There was a room for making tiny felt bats and cats. It was a source of much happiness for the night. We met a drunk gentleman who tirelessly worked on making a tiny felt pumpkin for his wife, it was cute, and some teachers ashamed at their lack of creativity (though they shouldn't have been) We almost ran out of time to participate in some of the contests.

I'm pretty sure I won the costume contest (They gave me stuff, so probably a safe assumption). I was awesome, if I do say so myself :)

I was Walter Goodman's "The Printselleer's Window"

We (teh cute girlfriend and I) also participated in #memethemag. Were they gave you a prompt and you found a painting/sculpture that captures the essence:
The card's tough to read.

Let's see, oh, Hedonist Chocolate and Ice Cream was there, and we got to try their grape ice cream, and it was heaven in grape ice cream form (more like a sorbet, but I refuse to acknowledge different forms of ice cream)

Then we danced a bit, a pretty good Friday, as far as Fridays go. I finished some more figures, I have to make a diagram, oh and I had a mini-anxiety attack 'cause of money. But hopefully things will work out. As always feel free to donate :P

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