Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Hello friends,
in today's 15 minute day recap:
Had to wake up early to get to our morning lab meeting, which was pushed a day earlier, for "reasons". Unfortunately, I had to get Teh Cute Girlfriend to give me a ride (she's never happy in the mornings :) My PI liked the plots I made, with UGRA (Undergrad research associate). So  that was pretty nice. Afterwards, me and Tech. Assoc. hung out for a bit and talked about the adaptation experiment. I  then went over to the office to see what UGRA was working on and we talked about the directions she could take with her to be assigned project.

After the workday, me and Tech Assoc. went out to check out Applied Aseudio here in Rochester (technically Henrietta, but I won't hold that against it :) Then hit up Tim Horton's for some Tim Bits! (I heart Tim Bits). When we got to his place, we decided to go play some tennis it was fun to run around with him, we hadn't hung out on the court in a bit. Oh, I definitely ate it on the court, with the very first ball. I chased it and slipped (the floor of the court was gross, kinda oily feeling) and fell on my belly and slid like a good two feet. It was pretty great (well, my knee wasn't happy, but who cares about that guy). Then I was dropped off at home.

Teh Cute Girlfriend and I then went to go pick up ugra (i'll come up with a better nickname later). Her and I planned on a viewing/listening party (she's surprisingly uninformed about cool stuff). We first went to Wal-mart, so that she could buy a racket and teh cute girlfriend could look at sewing stuffs. We ended up buying potato salad. Afterwards, we went to Joann's Fabric shop, so that teh cute girlfriend could look for filler material.

When we got home, we ate some potato salad sandwiches and I settled on watching a Miyazaki movie. We watched Princess Mononoke (cause it's probably the most mainstream one). After that, we caught like 3 episodes of Bojack Horseman. After that, it was time to take her home.

Then bed. Woot! Just under the timing wire!

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