Monday, June 26, 2017

in a bind

Alright folks, here's my day in 15 minutes or less!

Woke up nice and early, so I got to make breakfast and drink coffee. It's not always that I have coffee. Those are the sad days. Let's see, at work, I smushed two plots together to make them make sense. I'm not terribly sure that I can do that, but I'll ask tomorrow. The plots turned out pretty well :) Of course, after I set up the plots, I brought over our Lab's undergrad and had her plot the rest of the plots. I then showed her how to do a t-test with Kaleidagraph, the most garbage program ever.

Oh on the bus ride to school, I plopped a poke-man into a gym, which was cool, 'cause I hadn't tried the new gyms since they changed them. I think I like them a lot better, plus, there's forced diversity, which is super-cool.:) I have yet to participate in a raid, but I'm sure it'll happen.

At work, I found the transparencies that I prepared for screen-printing (I couldn't find them on Saturday when I went in) So I thought that I might screen-print today, but I'm scared and it's too cloudy (I'm thinking of using the sun for the photo-emulsion) It's supposed to be cloudy for a while.

Let's see, Ethereum dropped by a lot today, so Tech. Assoc. was slightly upset and trying to talk himself up.

For the evening, I had a Book safe making class (@Roc Brainery) with Just Terrific! Just Terrific is a local crafter who makes book-related items. I own one of her tiny book pins and now I own a kick-butt book safe. Although, I couldn't finish at the class (I don't know how so many people managed to complete theirs in time) I ended up taking my book home and  a small paper cup of Mod Podge to finish making the safe (It fits my book!)

I'm also jealous that Teh Cute Girlfriend went to go see My Neighbor Totoro on the big screen! It's been sooo long since I've seen any Miyazaki film. I need to correct that.

and just like that my time is up. Seems like I can use up 15 minutes!

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