Thursday, September 29, 2016

Throwing Down or Up?

You all! Let's see. Woke up in the morning, waited for teh lab-tech who was going to come pick me up. We spent some time before work wrecking gyms and taking names (pokemoning).

After we got in, we went to talk to our PI about one of the other projects that's going on. After that, I went to check the progress of my simulations, this time, I'm doing simulations of different sigma values. had a little over 100 of them, by the end of the day, had about 250, so hopefully by tomorrow, I'll have enough to do some analysis. The other computer I am using (for different simulations) should also hopefully be done tomorrow. Also trying to recruit more folks for that study I mentioned.

After work, the lab tech and I wrecked some more gyms. Teh Cute Girlfriend was at the MAG just hanging out and drawing. I went over to say hallo! We just ended up hashing out details for our upcoming bunniversary!

That's about it for today! Have a good one!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Low-Key Up!

Alrighty then!

This morning started off waaaay too early for my taste. Seminar! has started up again, it's fun, 'cause anyone I've ever complained about it to, usually jokingly, brings up crazier meeting times... eh. The point is, early. At least the talk was fairly interesting, it was about nanotube fabrication over at RIT. (Although the presenter was a BMW aficionado? what? I sometimes struggle to realize how rich most folks are around here)

After the talk (and about a hundred tiny vanilla scones) I went to lab. It simulation time once again. Still only had about 200 simulations of the long experiment. I also ran into a problem where only 500 of the curve fits were occurring (outta 7000), it turns out that there's a limiter in the curve fitting function that only checks up to 500 spaces... so I changed the limiter to 7500 spots, the only problem is that I have to re-run the whole thing. Boo! So I ended up doing that for a while. I need to get back to machine in the downstairs and figure that guy out. We also need to get more recruits for a different, but similar study to the one I was originally working on. Let's see, oh, the boss took us to Chipotle, that was nice. He's also trying to win catering for 200 by eating Chipotle 12 times a month for three months. He's only one purchase away I think.

When I got home, teh cute girlfriend was getting ready to go to a talk about "range maps". Well, that was one of the topics, it was by a birder. He mentioned the Valley by name! Yay! Birds! Meanwhile, I watched some more Defiance and I also put some Poke's into gyms. That's about all for today. I tried some bubble strat, it seemed to work alright.

I think that's about it for now!

Monday, September 26, 2016


Hello friends.
Thanks for staying true (as the people say).

So today, I woke up and checked in on my simulations. The ones that are running a 100 Trials are super-slow. over the weekend, there's only been about 200 completed... it'll be a bit longer until I have enough. (though can you even really have enough?)

On the other side of the aisle though, the fitting function was done for the 3000 or so simulations that had gone before! Neat-o! Weirdly though, there were only 1500 lines in the excel sheet. I tried going through them, but it was a large number of simulations to check individually, so I just assumed that it was going fine. I started the curve fitting function using the old mexed c++ function, that one's a lot faster, so hopefully it'll be done tomorrow.

Oh, I also Unrooted my phone, I thought I was going to be stuck not being able to play Pokemon Go anymore. But after unrooting from the desktop app, it ended up working fine! Exciting! My lab-tech ended up taking me home, so we fought a bunch of jerks' gyms and popped in some pokemons. We also caught another Snorlax! Been pretty excited with the pokes I've gotten so far :)

Spent the rest of the evening doing my normal routine of watching TV.... and that's about it!
Stay tuned for another exciting chapter in the life of me! Raul!