Friday, February 16, 2018

I went to the zoo!

Yo all!
This past week was neat, I went to San Diego!
I went to the ARO conference!
I had a poster (previously mentioned in teh blog)
It went fine, I presented poorly, but I think I learned how to present better. I think my problem is I don't really take stuff seriously :P
But it was cool, there were symposiums, and other folks, and parties with heads of ARO.
I don't present really well, myself I mean :)
I did a little dance, made a little glove... hahaha.
Oh, I ate Cheesecake. Mmmm.
I'm upset that I forgot to buy pan dulce. :(
I went to the zoo the last day. I got a chance to see polar bears, komodo dargons, and pandas!
I'm sad I didn't get to see the cheetahs :(
Also, I missed the babby hippo: Fiona :(
But it's okay, I got to see a bunch of cool stuff. It was exciting!
It was worth the super-expensive price to come in! But you need two days to appreciate everything!
My flight home went well. No delays. Unfortunately, I couldn't get much sleep.
But it was okay, 'cause I slept during the next day.
I ended up going to school the next day though, I got a chance to turn in receipts for reimbursement. :)

Monday, February 12, 2018

delays, posters, symposiums, tacos?

Yo all!
I'm currently in San Diego! Doing what? Who knows.
Ostensibly attending symposiums, lectures, and poster sessions. I'll just leave it at that so I don't get into trouble :P

JK, I'm checking out the current research in my field, but unfortunately most of the work here is auditory :( But it's alright, the vestibular stuff I've seen has been cool.

Plus, I got a chance to go to a bunch of mentoring type events for students. Those have been really helpful for answering questions, and providing some insight into the life of a scientist.

I also ate at a delicious Mexican place that had some fantastic tacos: The Blind Burro. I liked them 'cause they were veggie tacos! My PI had tacos de lengua, he enjoyed those too! (that's tongue gringos)

And of course, any reimbursed outing is going to have a trip to The Cheesecake Factory! I got a veggie burger and a Celebration Cheesecake (it was giant).

This kinda makes it seem like it all happened right now, but it's happened over the last several hours... well, couple of days.

Oh, my flight got delayed by two days! BOO! Jetblue didn't give me any cooler perks than their standard 200 dollar credit for the flight being cancelled. It was okay though, I hung out with my girlfriend for an extra day.

I called Chase, 'cause they can reimburse delayed flight expenses, but I only spent 1 meals' worth, so it wouldn't be worth the trouble. Hopefully, the travel grant can offset some of the questionable expenses... I'm over here looking at my finances and worried a bit. I wouldn't be so worried, but I accidentally payed two months rent this month, so money's a little tight rn :) Thanks god for credit cards?

So irresponsible.

Well, I'm enjoying my time at ARO, and have met a few people, I even got to meet the head of ARO and go to his suite, it was nice, and he seems cool. Well, he laughed when I said he suggested I throw myself out of the window... Maybe Teh Cute Girlfriend is right and I should change my sense of humor... No one tell her I said that ('cause she won't read this :)

Thursday, February 8, 2018

a week, aroooo

Yo all! Thanks for keeping with this little blag.
Let's see, what's new since last time. I think I used last post to self promote some stuff. (Drop ftw ctg90).
I've started writing a quest for Expedition RPG. We played an adventure, and found it somewhat lacking. I felt I could do better. So like every endeavor I've ever undertaken, it's out of spite. :)
Hopefully it gets done soon... but it's just the start of a bigger adventure I have in mind.
I also signed up for Balboa 2. It was fun last night, we did some send out variations. It was good, 'cause I'd forgotten how to do any of those moves. :)
I signed up for Legends of Lindy Hop class, which was nice, 'cause we watch old videos of classic Lindy Hoppers and try to emulate their style.
We studied Dean Collins and Jewel McGowen! It was super cool to dissect their movements and try to figure out how they did what they did.
That's about all that's new with me. I'll be headed to ARO soon, which will be nice, 'cause it'll be in San Diego. I just need clothes and to pack and to schedule a ride.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

oh, ok, cool

Like what I did with the title? no, I should stop... :(
Don't be mean.
So I thought it had been years since I last posted, but I guess it's only been 3 days. Not too shabby!
I was "away" for a bit (i.e. working on my Poster for the ARO conference next week)
Check it out below:
Hopefully it's fine. I read somewhere once that Science is about what you're allowed to do... I think that's the quote, I'm not gonna look it up.
That's mostly what my life's been about these last couple of days.
That and POINTS!
Want to earn money while not really doing anything different?
DROP! (use reference code: ctg90)
It's pretty awesome, and I've already earned 75 dollars with it (guess which offer I did) :P
Second, HQ Trivia? Have you heard about this? It's an online game show that you play at 3 and 9!
They ask 12 questions, and the winners split the pot. How cool is that?
If you sign up, use: Raulrod00 as your reference!
That's about all I've been doing. Trueblue surveys take too long.
Ah, I started listening to Drunks and Dragons podcast. It's pretty funny and it makes me want to play dungeons and dragons :P
Oh, and I started listening to Latinos Out Loud; It's pretty funny and it's a Latinx-centered show, which is a nice change of pace.
And I think I've mentioned Fave This; on the Kotaku network. It's a pretty great show about gaming and gaming culture. I like it 'cause the hosts can get real and they're also pretty entertaining.
My standard podcast network Lasertime is still pumping out the hits, but it's nice to have some diverse viewpoints.
That's it. hopefully I actually begin writing at some point. :P

Sunday, January 28, 2018

lol, gahmes

Yo all!
Don't remember when I last did this, so I'll just continue the way it be.
Did nothing too exciting yesterday. Just spent the day hanging out with Teh Cute Girlfriend. The evening though, I actually went out to do thing. It was crazy, 'cause I'm hella boring :)
Lab Manager invited me over to his friend's house to play board games. We ended up playing Coup, Joking Hazard, and Citadels. They were all pretty fun, I won Joking Hazard, almost won Coup, and completely lost, humiliatingly, Citadels.
We ate Pizza, Gluten Free Brownies, and I learned that some refrigerators can be turned off.... and then it requires a complicated sequence of button presses to restart... like why even have that option?
I didn't work on anything I was supposed to, so hopefully I will do so tomorrow... eep.
Alright, hope you had a good Saturday!

Friday, January 26, 2018

week rant, square.

Yo All,
I know, I know. I guess that's what happens when you write a post a little early... you forget to write :P
Let's see, Tuesday. I did Solo Jazz class oh! I just remembered, I went to Lab managers house and worked out on his TRX. We did 30s Charleston in class... I'm gonna feel it tomorrow.
I actually started on physically working on my poster... I say physically, 'cause I've been thinking about it for a while now. I was definitely sore... I also did my Balboa class. I'm still a little uncomfortable with the partner stance, but I'm getting the hang of the moves. We're twirling! Hopefully they continue the class series, 'cause it seems fun!
Finally caught up! Spent yesterday at "work" helping URA set up the simulation stuff I made... most of that time was troubleshooting all this stuff I hadn't seen in decades :P Unfortunately, I didn't get to work on my poster as much I wanted. Teh Cute Girlfriend and I went to go see "The Square" at The Little Theatre. It was a one night event co-hosted by the Rochester Contemporary Art Center, The Little, and sponsored by Ugly Duck Coffee. Ugly Duck Coffee was giving out free samples of its coffee and it was really good! Teh Cute Girlfriend and I are planning to go sometime. The Little also has a bunch of movies playing that we really want to watch ("Shape of Water", "Lady Bird", "Three Billboards...") so we're probably going to return soon! It was a cool event, they had movie trivia... we did not answer correctly. :P

Sunday, January 21, 2018

costing, landring

Yo all!
In practice of getting my sleep schedule in order, I set an alarm to wake up Sunday. It didn't quite work. But it was okay, 'cause it was still earlier than it was Saturday.
Made some delicious b-fast and woke up Teh Cute Girlfriend.
We then decided to do laundry, but first!
A trip to Costco. I invited URA 'cause she wanted to go.
It was a good trip, I forgot my wallet and was mercilessly made fun of :(
Everyone's so mean to me.
But I bought a Tres Leches Cake from Costco. I gave a quarter of it to URA and we had little slices of it when we helped bring groceries up. It was pretty good, but not like "authentic" tres leches. Haha.
We were going to eat some faux pulled pork and potatoes... but I really wanted some pizza... so we ate pizza.
Then I ate some more cake.
Oh, and we did laundry :)

Oh, but there was some disheartening news today. Wendell Castle, famous Rochester artist, died last night. Teh Cute Girlfriend and I really liked his work. The Memorial Art Gallery had just recently had an exhibition. It was fantastic and I'm glad he got to know how much the community liked him. Rest in Peace.